Why an IP Due Diligence Investigation?


Are you concerned about a perceived or real threat of litigation or is your client a defendant in a pending lawsuit as an alleged infringer?  Are you interested in knowing more about the IP rights held by another for any other reason?  Who is the true, legal owner of the IP?  Have the IP ownership rights expired?  In a merger or acquisition, do all such rights actually transfer?  Are the IP rights encumbered by litigation?  A due diligence investigation will answer these questions and more, saving the company financial pain down the road. 

In the next few weeks we will be explaining the following:


Purpose:       IP Due Diligence Investigation to Determine the IP Rights Held by Another to Maximize IP Investment Value and Minimize Investment Risk and Liability


Purpose:       IP Due Diligence Investigation to Improve Management of a Company’s Assets, Including Identification of Possible Targets for Sale or License


Purpose:       IP Due Diligence Investigation to Assist in Your Management of an Allegation of IP Infringement 



  • Preempt distress and disaster by pro-actively evaluating the details of IP rights
  • Know exactly what IP assets your company is realizing from the transaction
  • Mitigate liability and negligence charges resulting from the failure to investigate
  • Maximize corporate strategic planning and profits


This series of articles are written by two of our industry expert attorneys, Laurie Hughes and Suzanne Kessler.

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